Missing Jerseys

Posted: June 19, 2012 by Coach Brent in Uncategorized

We are still missing jerseys from this season. If you have any jerseys that have not yet been turned in, please contact me at Bboelter@gmail.com.

Off season training/ Lost stick

Posted: May 22, 2012 by Coach Brent in Communication

See below for a great off-season training and conditioning opportunity from Coach Michael. I would expect that those players who take advantages of opportunities like this to improve their stick skills and conditioning will be the stand out players next season. They call lacrosse the fastest sport on grass for a reason.
Also, it has come to my attention that a stick was lost at the last youth game of the tournament, if anyone picked it up, please let me know.

Wallball Warriors and Parents,

I will be conducting elective, free training on Tuesday nights at Revere High School during the off-season. It will be one session per week, one hour, structured, and as demanding as you make it. I will provide the structure and the workout, but you, the athlete, have to provide the effort. The goal of the training from now until next spring is to provide the bantam, youth and middle school coaches with a lacrosse player who is conditioned and can perform the basic lacrosse skills of catching, passing, dodging and shooting.

I think our coaches have a right to expect the following next spring. An athlete who can complete the following:

1 mile run in under 8:00
25 push ups (2 minutes)
50 sit ups (2 minutes)

Ability to catch and pass against a wall 50 times each side with no drops.

These are, of course, scalable for younger players. Female athletes in this age group are at least as physically able as their male counterparts, if not more so. Enough said.

I am totally open for any ideas or help on this. I know that things will change between now and next spring. The one thing that should not change is our athlete’s commitment to themselves, their teammates, their school and their sport. When the weather changes and other sports start, I will think of a way to change and maintain the program.

Finally, this program is open to any athlete in any sport. The time frame is short at one hour, so parents might as well stay and participate if they are able! Better conditioning is good for everyone.

Training will start at 6:30 and will be completed by 7:30.

This week’s workout schedule will be:

Stretching: (10 minutes)
Warm up run, 800 meters, (5 minutes)
Interval training (20 minutes)
Wall ball (50 throw right, catch right, 50 throw left, catch left) (15 minutes)
Stretching (10 minutes)

Let me know if you have any questions!

Coach Michael

Youth Wrap-up/ Bantam games

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I would first like to thank everyone for coming out to the tournament yesterday. I think everyone had a great time, even if the results weren’t quite what we were hoping for.

-Youth: We are done for the season; thanks for a great season! Please check out the information about the team picnic below. Jerseys are to be turned in to me at the picnic. Please try to wash the jerseys first, I imagine they are pretty nasty after 3 games in 90 degree weather.

-Bantam: Since Bantam got off to a bit of a slow start, we have decided to extend their season a bit. There will be two more game dates (see below), and practice will continue as per normal. Please turn in your jerseys to Coach Miller after the last game, I will take care of washing them.

-Bantam Game 5/24: Bantam will play at Strongsville Thursday, May 24th at 6:30pm. Their field is located at the Darice Warehouse Field, at 21160 Drake Road, Strongsville, OH 44149. Please be at the field dressed, and ready to play no later than 6:00pm. If you are unable to make the game, please e-mail Coach Miller at: kevinmiller1210@yahoo.com

-Bantam Game 6/3: Bantam will play a round robin against Jackson, North Canton, and Medina on Sunday, May 3rd at 1:00pm. The games will be hosted by Jackson at Robert Fife Stadium on the turf. The address is 7355 Mudbrook Drive NW Massillon, Ohio 44646. Please be at the field dressed and ready to play no later than 12:30, and e-mail Coach Miller if you are unable to attend.

-Picnic: The team picnic for both Bantam and Youth will be held Friday, June 1st at the pavilion at BCC. I will send out a reminder with more details later. Thanks to Jen Curley for setting this up for us.

Tournament Info

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The brackets for the tournament on Sunday have finally been confirmed. They can be found at bigdoglacrossetournaments.com under the “Tournament Day Information” tab. Both the Bantam team and Youth team have their first game at 9:00 am so please be at the field ready to play by 8:30 am. The field is Diamond Community Park at: 2782 Diamond St. NE Canton 44721. If anyone has a large awning that we could set up and use as a base of operations for the day, it would be greatly appreciated; please contact me about it. Each team will play either 3 or 4 games and the times of the games will depend on weather we win or lose the previous game. Plan on being there most of the day. If your player will not be able to attend, please e-mail me at Bboelter@gmail.com ASAP.

Photos: Several parents have been taking game photos that they would like to share. We finally have the ability to do this on our website. Mike Gerst will be handling posting them all to the site, so if you have any photos that you would like to share, please send them to Mike at Mike@mrakron.com. Big thanks to Mike for heading this up for us!

Reminder: Photos Today!!

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This is just a reminder that team and individual photos will be taken today during practice. We are moving the start time up to 5:00 pm, and still ending practice at 7:00 pm. Please bring your game jerseys for the photos, and if you have not yet gotten a photo order packet, and would like one, see me before practice.

Weekly Update 5/14-5/20

Posted: May 13, 2012 by Coach Brent in Communication

Busy week, especially for Bantam, please read all items.

5/15 Bantam Game- The Bantam team will be playing in Medina this Tuesday. The field is at Waite Elementary School at 4765 Cobblestone Park Dr., Medina 44256. Game time is 7:00pm so please be at the field dressed and ready to play by 6:30pm. Please note that the game time was moved back from the original schedule due to a conflict for the Medina team. If your player will not be able to attend the game, please e-mail Coach Miller at kevinmiller1210@yahoo.com ASAP.

5/15 Youth Practice- Due to a large number of players missing practice for a concert, Tuesday’s practice will be cancelled. We will still be holding practice Thursday and Saturday.

5/16 Youth and Bantam Game- We have a game scheduled Wednesday against Stow, this will be a unique game, as this is Stow’s first year with a youth program. After speaking to the Stow coach and learning that they have 3rd-5th graders only on their team, I have decided that we will combine our Youth and Bantam teams for this game, but 6th graders will not play. Stow’s field is at Kimpton Middle School at 380 N. River Rd., Munroe Falls 44262. Game time is at 6:00pm, so please be at the field, dressed and ready to play, no later than 5:30pm.

5/16 6th Graders- Since 6th graders will not be playing in the Stow game, Coach Thompson has invited all 6th graders to come practice with the Middle School team on Wednesday. Their practice is 5:30-7:30pm at the field on the East side of Hametown Rd. just before Everett Rd. This is a great opportunity for 6th graders to play up a level, and meet some of their future teammates, and hopefully an adequate consolation for being excluded from the game.

5/17 Photos- A photographer will be at practice Thursday to take team, and individual photos. In order to fit this in, we will be starting practice at 5:00pm. Order forms were passed out last week, but if you do not have one yet, please see Coach Miller or myself before practice. Bring your game jersey!!

5/18 Bantam Game- We have rescheduled the Strongsville Bantam game for Friday. The game will be at 6:00pm at the RHS Stadium. Please be at the field, dressed and ready to play, by 5:30pm. E-mail Coach Miller if your player will be unable to attend this game.

5/20 Tournament- Both youth and Bantam will compete in the North Coast Youth Tournament on Sunday. I am told that each team is guaranteed to play three games, and possibly a fourth if they make it to the championship. The schedule has not been released yet, but plan on being there in the morning and staying until mid-afternoon. I will try to keep everyone posted when the schedule comes out.

Update- Lots of stuff (Youth and Bantam)

Posted: May 8, 2012 by Coach Brent in Communication, Important!

Several items in this post for both teams (its a long one, sorry).

Youth game Thursday: Youth will play this Thursday 5/10 vs Olmstead Falls at 6:30. This game will be held at the High School stadium on the turf field. Please be at the field no later than 5:45, we have had alot of players showing up just prior to game time in the past several games, and I feel it is important that we warm up as a team. This will be our final home game of the year, so lets make it a good one. If your son will not be able to attend the game, and you haven’t done so already, please email me at Bboelter@gmail.com ASAP.

Youth Game Saturday: We will be playing two games Saturday 5/12 in Lake County. We are playing Lake County at 10:00am, and Bay Village at 11:00am so please be at the field dressed and ready to play no later than 9:30am. The field location is: Maple Elementary School 560 West Jackson, Painesville OH 44077. Again, please e-mail me if your son will be unable to attend this game, unless you have done so already.

Bantam Games: We had to cancel our game last night due to lightning. I am currently working with the Strongsville coach to get that game rescheduled soon. Looking to the future, Bantam has games scheduled 5/15, and 5/16 (a combined game with Youth). I will post additional details on those games, as well as the reschedule soon.

Photos: We will be having a photographer coming to practice 5/17 to take team, and individual pictures. In order to fit the photos in, we will be moving our start time up to 5:00pm. Order packets will be passed out in the next week. Please remember to bring your game jerseys to this practice. I will post another reminder the day prior to the photos.

Tournament: I have been notified of a change in the tournament schedule. Due to a lack of refs on Saturday, Bantam games have been moved to Sunday, May 20th. Youth and Bantam will now both be playing on Sunday, May 20th. Plan for this to be an all day event, I will post game times when they are released.